Other Services

Aircraft Acquisition Consultancy

LegendAire provides personalized consulting services, whether you are a first time buyer or a multi aircraft fleet owner. We provide you with expert advice and management throughout all phases of the selection, purchase, acceptance, delivery and operational phases.

Our vast experience in researching, locating, validating, evaluating, negotiating and closing every type of aircraft will enable us to tailor the best optimized solution that meets your needs and budget to ensure a successful acquisition and complete satisfaction of your newly acquired aircraft. We support and consult our clients worldwide with a complete package from aircraft pre-purchase to aircraft operation.



European Union reduced Taxation program

  LegendAire offers a EU VAT reduction program based upon recently passed legislation allowing private aircraft owners to reduce VAT by up to 80%. Visit VATdiscount.com to learn how our program can save you millions of dollars when importing your aircraft into the EU.